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BASIC PEDICURE                                           $24

Your basic pedicure, soothing and timeless. Fulfill all your needs with a file and shaping, cuticle cleaning, a softening callous exfoliation, relieving massage, mint scrub, and your favorite polish to seal a fabulous experience.

SIGNATURE PEDICURE                                  $29

Coarse Feet? Aching Muscles? Not after this pedicure with its callous exfoliation, soothing massage, an orange sugar scrub, and relaxing hot stones. Silky smooth legs and pretty little toes decked out in a new coat of polish.

DELUXE PEDICURE                                        $37

Forget your basic pedicures; indulge yourself in this perfect experience. We will pamper with not only your pedicure necessities but much more. An orange scrub will wipe away dead skin. A refreshing masque immersed in hot towels will soothe you and the hot stone massage will be heavenly. Polish and wish there was more. You deserve this!       

PAPAYA PINEAPPLE PEDICURE                     $50

This pedicure provides a clean and slightly sweet aroma of papaya and pineapple. The natural sugar scrub, masque, and lotion infused with papaya and antioxidant pineapple extracts. Completed with a callous exfoliation, hot stone massage, hot towels, and paraffin wax provides vitamins and banishes dry, rough skin.

CUCUMBER PEDICURE                                    $50           

Cool as a cucumber you will be after this refreshing pedicure. A blend of crisp cucumber and tantalizing pineapple energizes and rejuvenates sore feet. A callous exfoliation, hot stone massage, and paraffin wax create a relaxing sensation.

HONEY MILK PEDICURE                                 $50

Awakens your senses with the rich, warm brew of a Honey Milk pedicure. Relax while notes of coffee beans swirl around, during your callous exfoliation, hot stone massage, scrub, hot towels, masque, and paraffin wax finishes off this invigorating pedicure.

CITRUS PEDICURE                                         $50

Bon Voyage! Go away to a summer retreat and relax by the sea surrounded by the aromas of coconut and island lime during your callous exfoliation, citrus scrub and masque, hot towels, and a hot rock massage. Head off to the tropics after a paraffin wax with this fresh pedicure.

ALMOND PEDICURE                                       $50

The sweet scents of almond soothe the soul after a hectic day while the body receives a warm almond massage followed by a scrub, a hot stone massage, and hot towels. An almond masque, callous exfoliation, and paraffin wax top of a delectable pedicure.


Pedicures that are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, and renew your senses using the therapeutic aromas from natural sources to influence moods, uplift the senses and promote well-being.